ARC Review Process

The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) for The Farm at Willow Creek is comprised of five (5) members who are responsible for new home plan review and approval, as well as landscape, fence, wall, and swimming pool approvals.

When submitting a package for review, please complete the Farm at Willow Creek Architectural Review Application and email it to There is a new construction application review fee of $900 (payable to The Farm at Willow Creek).  For the majority of submissions, this fee covers the required review. In the unusual case that further architectural review is needed, the additional cost will be the responsibility of the owner/builder. For existing homeowner projects, please submit a Farm at Willow Creek Architectural Review application, no application fees will be required.

Photos of sample boards or of existing homes that have the selected colors or textures are very helpful. Please do not submit multiple emails.

We will review the package to be sure that it includes everything required before forwarding it along to the ARC members for review.  If the Architectural Review Application is submitted per these guidelines, the ARC can typically have a response back within a couple of weeks. Incomplete packages will not be reviewed.

Once plans are approved & TOF has issued a building permit, you may begin construction, but not before. Once stakes are set, an ARC board member will visit site and verify home location. Members of the board will make periodic site visits to make sure the home is built to the submitted package. If we have any questions or concerns, we will contact you by email.